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Thank you notes in Direct selling

Posted by Dhea on May 18, 2009

In Direct selling one of the many questions I am asked by my new team members  is when to thank the host…

In my 8 years of direct selling experience initially it never occurred to me to thank the host … I figured she received her discounts and free shopping, we both won… I was good at booking and thought this is OK as it seemed to work… Then it occurred to me to start thanking the host AFTER the event held but this didn’t really alter my postponements nor my re-booking…

Several years ago I started thanking my hosts within 24hours of them booking… I would hand write a note/card… explain how I am thankful for their continual support as without their support we would not have a business…and that I was looking forward to spoiling her at her own event…  Well did this help to minimise my postponement and rescheduling, this infact increased my repeat business as by thanking them right at the beginning via the traditional mail with a lovely card made them feel valued and that you are a sincere person and appreciative of her. I use this easy system that allows me to send out cards with the click of my computer button for less that US $1 … here try for FREE on me… www.socreview.com/dheabartlett

Think About it?




3 Responses to “Thank you notes in Direct selling”

  1. dhea638 said

    We should all be thankful and grateful for our organisers support.

  2. Larna said

    Hi Dhea….. great comments….. adding your SOC link here would be a good idea?!

    • dhea638 said

      thanks larna
      don’t know how and my widgets haven’t got a clue… trying to work it out and thought i had but ?????

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