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Autoresponders. Are they good or evil?

Posted by Dhea on May 28, 2009

I received in my inbox today an email from a newsletter editor that I subscribe to threatening us as subscribers that if we are using autoresponders they will firstly report us to our email providers and then unsubscribe us… their claim is they are too busy to filter all these autoresponders whilst looking for the real responses from clients/subscribers. When they send out a newsletter they “really don’t want to know that their clients are on holidays” or away from the office, that when they receive an email saying, Thanks or Got it, that is it sort of unethical… how can something be sort of unethical? It either is or it isn’t.  It was suggested we set up another email account for newsletters ?? Doesn’t the said editor want us to read their newsletters or forget about them,  wouldn’t they rather have their newsletter in the most frequented email inbox … rather than receive autoreponders they would prefer the client opens up another application to view their newsletter… why make it harder to reach the client… You may as well be putting it into the trash folder… or to actually unsubscribe..

Sure I don’t want advertisers to SPAM me back their adds but, I would like to know that at a certain time my clients are away travelling, which may explain why orders are lower or marketing responses are not as many during a particular time of the year… So yes whilst autoresponders may create more traffic in the inbox saying it is unethical is over the top.

What do you think?


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3 Responses to “Autoresponders. Are they good or evil?”

  1. I don’t mind autoresponders that let me know people are not in the office, the promo responders can get a bit irritating, however. They really clog up my blackberry!

  2. Melissa said

    Autoresponders annoy me with my email newsletters – I set up a different email account to send the newsletter from, then just delete them. The ones that annoy me are the ones that try to recruit me to their business!!!

    I don’t see what grounds the newsletter editor has to report them to the email provider, though. In some cases, that would take more time than just deleting the message or unsubscribing someone!

    • dhea638 said

      Hi Melissa

      I must say the autoresponders that try to recruit are interesting as I have only had 1 that has done that…. But that’s a good idea that you have set up a separate email address for your newsletter rather than expecting your clients to set up separate newsletter emails… Good Tip. Thanks for sharing

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