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Referrals are the best compliment we can receive.

Posted by Dhea on June 6, 2009

Hi all

As many of us know if we love something we just have to tell everyone about it and encourage our friends to consider. The power of the word of mouth is often considered better than some forms of advertising. Imagine if you received a referral everyday.. Imagine picking up the phone and hearing “Hello my girlfriend suggested I contact you for this bag that I am looking for….” or “I would like to join your company as my girlfriend suggested it would be perfect for me…” or “I would love to book a party with you as I couldn’t make it to my girlfriends but they all had fun and I would like to host one…”… Every time I receive any sort of referral like that I feel blessed and grateful that the client has picked up the phone and called me However I am ever more grateful to the client who suggested me to her friend… Think about the power of this.

What do you do to ask or encourage referrals for your business?

Think about it



2 Responses to “Referrals are the best compliment we can receive.”

  1. Larna said

    Hi Dhea
    There is one great way to receive referrals from people…. give them for those that provide a great service to you… and you are the queen at giving referrals so I am not surprised lots of referrals come your way…. what you put out there will come back to you…

    • dhea638 said

      Thanks Larna

      I am such a firm believer to sharing who I know… and I love that idea of giving them first… thanks for sharing

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