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Relationships and Connections

Posted by Dhea on May 17, 2009

Relationships… these have always been complicated, interactive and two way… so what’s to make us think that with the introduction of the electronic media we should do things differently or they should be any easier to develop.

Relationships are about building connections, sincere valuable connections … the flow needs to be both ways with genuine interest being perceived by both parties… often at networking events we find that when we meet people if we think that they can’t offer us a direct business we discount them…and move on to the next. What we forget it with that connection comes a bubble of other connections who may have the opportunity to use our business and here the referrals come. However if you have not taken the time to connect  and build rapport with the initial connection it is doubtful that referrals will come your way.  So when we connect with people on the likes of facebook, we need to “get to know people” just as you would if you were standing right next to them… show them your personality, your integrity, share with them your insights, success and offerings.. most of all take the time to get to know the person at the other end. Ask yourself… would you do business with a person you just met if you just met yourself?

Think about it?


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