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Establishing Business Priorities: What are yours?

Posted by Dhea on July 16, 2009

Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out. Stephen Covey

The two critical elements to being a powerful, effective and productive leader are: establishing priorities and areas of focus first, then having the discipline to execute and carry them out second. Both are vital to your success as an entrepreneur or business owner. Having just one of the two is a recipe for disaster.

Without putting first things first you may execute and check a number of projects off your list, but you may not be doing the right things, things which will build or grow your business. Without the discipline to execute and carry things out you may have a wonderful vision of where you would like to go or what you would like to achieve but never move any closer to actually getting it done.

Review both your priorities and discipline to execute. Checking your priorities should be a weekly, daily and sometimes hourly exercise. Evaluating your discipline and what you actually achieve or produce must also be an ongoing process. By combining the leadership of creating the right priorities and the management discipline of carrying them out, you will put your business on a path which leads to ongoing, sustainable success.

What do you put first?


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Obstacles in Business and Life

Posted by Dhea on July 12, 2009

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. Henry Ford

The legendary golfer Arnold Palmer once played in a charity event in Australia and was paired with a young, inexperienced caddie to carry his bag and guide him through his round. On the 18th hole Mr. Palmer approached his ball and prepared to take a shot at the green. The young caddie handed him his club then started to share what he thought was his experience on the challenging hole. He began, “Mr. Palmer beware of the long rough to the left of the green, there is also a deep sand trap on the right, if you over shoot the hole – the green has a brutal slope which is difficult to chip back from, and, you can’t see it but, there is creek running right through the lay-up area…” Mr. Palmer shouted, “stop!” He through his club back into the golf bag. Then as he began his preparation all over again he said to the young caddie, “Don’t tell me about sand and rough and rivers and obstacles. Do not clutter my mind with things I don’t need to know and places I do not wish to go. The ONLY thing I want to know is how far it is from the spot where my ball currently is to the center of that green, which is exactly where I want to go.” With laser focus on his goal and no thought of the obstacles Mr. Palmer stepped up to his ball, stared down to the green, took a practice swing and then hit the ball high into the air landing it softly in the center of the green.

As an entrepreneur or business owner where is your focus and attention?

Are you focused squarely on your goals and objectives? Or, are you letting your mind wander to the obstacles you face?

Are you focused on the bad economy, your competition, your lack of prospects, your lack of capital, your negative customers or past problems?

Mr. Palmer was right in saying, “Don’t clutter my mind with things I don’t need to know and places I don’t wish to go!”

Remember obstacles are the frightful things you see when you take your eyes off of your goal.

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What are you obstacles in business?

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Posted by Dhea on June 10, 2009

Hi all

In a recent debate about e-signatures with a few “lay-people” who feel a few friends email signature is too much or not necessary.  Is there any real issue with promoting your business on every email communication or should you go to the effort to modify your signature or delete it all together?

What do you think?


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Referrals are the best compliment we can receive.

Posted by Dhea on June 6, 2009

Hi all

As many of us know if we love something we just have to tell everyone about it and encourage our friends to consider. The power of the word of mouth is often considered better than some forms of advertising. Imagine if you received a referral everyday.. Imagine picking up the phone and hearing “Hello my girlfriend suggested I contact you for this bag that I am looking for….” or “I would like to join your company as my girlfriend suggested it would be perfect for me…” or “I would love to book a party with you as I couldn’t make it to my girlfriends but they all had fun and I would like to host one…”… Every time I receive any sort of referral like that I feel blessed and grateful that the client has picked up the phone and called me However I am ever more grateful to the client who suggested me to her friend… Think about the power of this.

What do you do to ask or encourage referrals for your business?

Think about it


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Autoresponders. Are they good or evil?

Posted by Dhea on May 28, 2009

I received in my inbox today an email from a newsletter editor that I subscribe to threatening us as subscribers that if we are using autoresponders they will firstly report us to our email providers and then unsubscribe us… their claim is they are too busy to filter all these autoresponders whilst looking for the real responses from clients/subscribers. When they send out a newsletter they “really don’t want to know that their clients are on holidays” or away from the office, that when they receive an email saying, Thanks or Got it, that is it sort of unethical… how can something be sort of unethical? It either is or it isn’t.  It was suggested we set up another email account for newsletters ?? Doesn’t the said editor want us to read their newsletters or forget about them,  wouldn’t they rather have their newsletter in the most frequented email inbox … rather than receive autoreponders they would prefer the client opens up another application to view their newsletter… why make it harder to reach the client… You may as well be putting it into the trash folder… or to actually unsubscribe..

Sure I don’t want advertisers to SPAM me back their adds but, I would like to know that at a certain time my clients are away travelling, which may explain why orders are lower or marketing responses are not as many during a particular time of the year… So yes whilst autoresponders may create more traffic in the inbox saying it is unethical is over the top.

What do you think?


Facebook fan page

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Inspirational Music

Posted by Dhea on May 21, 2009

It is proven that when the mind hears uplifting happy music, endorphins are released in our body and consequently we feel great. During my recent DSWA convention I had the pleasure of hearing first hand Paul’s incredible talent. Take a look for yourself here and you will not be disappointed. http://bit.ly/gXXmN

Think about it


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Thank you notes in Direct selling

Posted by Dhea on May 18, 2009

In Direct selling one of the many questions I am asked by my new team members  is when to thank the host…

In my 8 years of direct selling experience initially it never occurred to me to thank the host … I figured she received her discounts and free shopping, we both won… I was good at booking and thought this is OK as it seemed to work… Then it occurred to me to start thanking the host AFTER the event held but this didn’t really alter my postponements nor my re-booking…

Several years ago I started thanking my hosts within 24hours of them booking… I would hand write a note/card… explain how I am thankful for their continual support as without their support we would not have a business…and that I was looking forward to spoiling her at her own event…  Well did this help to minimise my postponement and rescheduling, this infact increased my repeat business as by thanking them right at the beginning via the traditional mail with a lovely card made them feel valued and that you are a sincere person and appreciative of her. I use this easy system that allows me to send out cards with the click of my computer button for less that US $1 … here try for FREE on me… www.socreview.com/dheabartlett

Think About it?



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Relationships and Connections

Posted by Dhea on May 17, 2009

Relationships… these have always been complicated, interactive and two way… so what’s to make us think that with the introduction of the electronic media we should do things differently or they should be any easier to develop.

Relationships are about building connections, sincere valuable connections … the flow needs to be both ways with genuine interest being perceived by both parties… often at networking events we find that when we meet people if we think that they can’t offer us a direct business we discount them…and move on to the next. What we forget it with that connection comes a bubble of other connections who may have the opportunity to use our business and here the referrals come. However if you have not taken the time to connect  and build rapport with the initial connection it is doubtful that referrals will come your way.  So when we connect with people on the likes of facebook, we need to “get to know people” just as you would if you were standing right next to them… show them your personality, your integrity, share with them your insights, success and offerings.. most of all take the time to get to know the person at the other end. Ask yourself… would you do business with a person you just met if you just met yourself?

Think about it?

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