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Appreciation Marketing: Less than 12 Weeks til Christmas/Festive Season!

Posted by Dhea on October 2, 2011

Good relationships are the lifeblood of every good company. Relationships between a company and their clients/patients/ customers, employees, vendors, and referral sources are vital to sustained growth, stability and profit.  One way to build relationships is to express appreciation.

So, why do so few companies invest any resources to express appreciation?

Many companies do not fully appreciate the potential profits associated with keeping existing customers happy versus constantly acquiring new ones.

Two-thirds of customers switch from one company to another because of a perceived indifference from the former company.  If you want your customers to feel like you care about them and appreciate their business, you need to have a solid Appreciation Marketing System in place.

What is Appreciation Marketing?  It is a specific activity that helps you express gratitude and appreciation daily.

Think about who YOU do business with and why. I bet you tend to continue doing business with those who appreciate your business.  NOT saying thank you does more damage than actually saying thank you does good!

With well-planned Appreciation Marketing efforts, you will improve retention, which will highly impact your bottom line.

One of my favorite tools I discovered in 2009, for affordably and easily staying in touch is SendOutCards, which enables you to create a card and add a personal message using your own handwriting font.  You can also create a group of people (let’s say “2011 customers”) in your Contact Manager.  When you click the SEND button, that card goes to everyone in that group, and the salutation gets filled in with each recipient’s name…not an impersonal “Dear Customer” salutation.

Given that acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one, it makes a lot of sense to appreciate the customers you already have. Those who feel appreciated and cared for will remain loyal to you when competitors call on them.  They are also much more likely to make referrals.

Marketing with a high-touch automated tool like SendOutCards makes it so easy.  You owe it to yourself, and to your business, to try it out today.


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When will we be happy?

Posted by Dhea on October 28, 2009

As I take the time to review my year… I don’t know exactly how many days are left in 2009 (does it matter?) I look back and rather than see what I haven’t achieved YET!!! I review and look at all the wonderful things I have achieved… I look at the growth I have made as a person which then reflects into my family and my business. Yes I do see that setting goals helps us to lead to the vision we set for us but at the same time be grateful for all the achievements, big and small, be thankful that you are doing the things you love to, be appreciative of the business you do have and let go of the idea of a big race to finish to the end of this year…

Here is Australia we are just about to finish the first month of the Spring Season and I wonder how many of us have actually stepped outside and looked at all the gorgeous colours that the earth offers us…plant those annuals you always wanted to (even if it is one pot you will love seeing the colours they generate)  appreciate the blossoms and the flowers as before you know it another year will have to pass before you get to plant your seeds… like your business Now is a great time to plant the seeds of what you want to blossom in your life…

What seeds do you need to plant to allow for your happiness to manifest?

Have a great week


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