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Clearing the decks now

Posted by Dhea on December 19, 2009

I was reading a few organising tips from many varied sources over the last week or two and many people suggest January is a great time to start clearing up the office/study and setting the goals. However one article suggested that you in fact do it all NOW… clear up your office, remove the clutter, sort and file, set the goals and in fact start working on them on them in January rather than making the start then… I have now finished most of my away from the office work so far for this year , aside from the occasional Christmas gift… so I too am going to do that this year, with the phone not ringing as often and more time between meetings and appointments this is a perfect time to do all that back-end work… , sort, file, change and set the goals now with a clean desk and start the year with a clear direction.

What do you prefer doing?List your tips here…



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